Shop rates, a helpful overview of my price structure


Bill Thomas Woodworking, LLC shop rates


Most of my custom woodworking projects are billed out by the job. This fixed quote usually includes the design work and delivery or installation.

Shop classes are billed through the venue.

When teaching in my shop, I bill by the day or class.

On water kayak instruction and guided trips are billed out based on the goals of the client.

Photography is billed out based on the requirements of the client or the base price structure established by the publication.

Below are the guidelines I use when billing my time:

Hourly shop rate $45 an hour.  Materials are billed at cost plus 10%

Daily shop rate for instruction is $300 for one person, $375 for two. Based on a 7 hour day, includes lunch.

One week boat building class $900 per person, $200 for building partners, (two people working on the same boat) Includes lunch.

Supplies and kits are an additional charge.

Kayaking instruction and guided trips.  Daily rate 1-2 people $270 per day. 3-4 people $350 per day plus expenses.  Over night-guided trips, 1-2 people $375 per day, 2-4 people $400 per day plus expenses.