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                                   We honor all major credit cards, personal checks and overseas money orders payable in US funds.

                                       For orders outside the continental United States, custom epoxy orders and kit orders please

                                       email for an exact shipping quote.

                                       Thank you.



Please note the shipping cost for plans going to Canada is 24 dollars. You can place your order on this page and I’ll send an additional invoice to you for $16 or you or you can email me and I’ll send an invoice for the total cost of the plans with shipping.  Most orders ship the day after I receive them. Thanks for the order!


Call or email for prices and options.

Finished Boats

For customers who don’t want to build their own boat or need a design that’s not offered as a kit or plans, I build finished boats. I can build my own designs as well as other designer's boats. Each can be custom rigged and finished to suit. Deck mounted compasses, day hatches, custom-designed deck rigging, hull reinforcement for expedition use, graphite rub strips and custom paint colors are just a few of the options.

Lodestar  $5,425

QuickBeam $5,165

Willow starts at $5,125

Fox starts at $5,185


Willow Kit
Call or email for shipping quote and order total.


Willow and Fox are available as complete kits. All plywood parts are precision cut on a CNC machine. The kits include all the wooden parts, fiberglass cloth and tape, epoxy resin, fillers, pumps and all hardware needed for assembly. Kayak kits ship with appropriate deck rigging, footbraces with mounting hardware, a high-end kayak seat and mini-cell foam for outfitting. Double paddle canoes ship with mahogany seat backs and an ash canoe seat. Each kit includes a builders set of plans and a 40+ page building manual.

Willow Sea Kayak Kits    $1,290

QuickBeam kits  $1,315

Fox Kits   $1,275

Shipping $100-175 call for quote

Willow Sea Kayak Plans
Willow Sea Kayak Plans -
$95 (plus $8 shipping)
Fox Double Paddle Canoe Plans-
$95 (plus $8 shipping)

Complete Building Plans
Building plans can be ordered for many of my designs. Plans include nine or more pages of detailed information with full sized patterns for the plank ends, hatches, coamings, bulkheads and many other parts.

A 30+ page building guide to help you through the process is also included.

Please note there is an additional shipping charge for orders outside the continental United States


Plans:  $95 each.+ $8 shipping

Kayak Seat
Kayak Seat - $90
(plus $8 shipping)

Kayak Seat
This seat is custom designed for the Willow, but works in most kayaks. The back is attached to the seat bottom so it does not twist or get in the way during re-entries and is cut low to allow unimpeded bracing and rolling. This is the perfect solution for people who demand better bracing and control. The seat bottom is made of 2 layers of 3/8" closed cell foam covered in neoprene for a soft ride that doesn't raise your center of gravity. Large hook and loop patches hold the seat base in place. All mounting hardware and instructions are included.

Seat: $90. + $8 shipping

Kayak Footbraces - $38
(plus $8 shipping)


These are some of the nicest kayak footbraces I’ve seen. Adjustment is easy because the adjustment lever extends aft and can be reached while seated in the cockpit.  The footpads are solid and simply can’t pop off under pressure. The standard pad can be replaced with a pivoting pad for use with a rudder. Instead of using a through hull bolt for mounting, these ship with mounting studs that are glued to the inside of the hull.

Footbraces $38 + $8 shipping


MAS Epoxy
MAS Epoxy Kit -
$274 (plus $25 shipping)

MAS Epoxy Kit

MAS is a top quality non-blushing epoxy ideally suited for stitch and glue kayak construction. The kit includes are 2.25 gal of resin and slow hardener, 1 qt of silica, 1 qt of wood flour, calibrated mixing pumps and MAS’s product guide. This is enough epoxy to build a Willow Sea Kayak or Fox Double Paddle Canoe.

We also carry the full line of MAS products.

Please call for current pricing on custom orders.

Epoxy kits:  $274 + $25 shipping

Day Hatch Kit
Day Hatch Kit -
$90 (plus $10 shipping)

Day Hatch Kit
A day hatch accessible from the cockpit is a handy option on a sea kayak. It is a huge benefit to have safety gear, snacks, water, sun screen and other items off the kayak deck and safely stored but still easily reached while on the water.

This Day Hatch is designed as an option for the Willow. Included are a 6” hatch and rim, a 4mm plywood bulkhead, mounting hardware and instructions.

Day hatch kit:  $90+ $10 shipping

Surf Spray Skirt

Seals Surf Neoprene Spray Skirt
$112 (plus $8 shipping)

Seals Surf Neoprene Spray Skirt

This skirt is custom made for a perfect fit on the Willow Sea Kayak. The 3.5 mm neoprene deck is banded with a 3/8” bungee for a tenacious grip on the coaming rim. Seals has designed this skirt for extreme conditions.

All the seams are glued, stitched and sealed for a totally water tight deck. The anatomical cut tunnel is offered in 6 sizes from XS-XL. Email or call for help with fitting.

This is a special order item and might take several weeks to ship. Black only.

Neoprene Spray Skirt  $112 + $8 shipping

Seals Sea Sprite Skirt

Seals Sea Sprite Spray Skirt
$132 (plus $8 shipping)

Seals Sea Sprite Spray Skirt

This is a high performance skirt with a 3.5mm neoprene deck and a waterproof, breathable fabric tunnel. The deck is custom made to fit our sea kayaks and is secured to the coaming with a 3/8” E-Z stretch bungee. The tunnel has an adjustable neoprene waistband and removable suspenders. For moderate to extreme conditions.

Color: Black

Sea Sprite Spray Skirt $132 + $8 shipping


Seals Adventure Skirt

Seals Adventure Nylon Spray Skirt (black)
$69 (plus $8 shipping)
Seals Adventure Nylon Spray Skirt (gold)
$69 (plus $8 shipping)

Seals Adventure Nylon Spray Skirt

Not all kayak adventures are extreme, here’s a skirt that will serve well in most of paddling conditions you are likely to encounter.

This skirt is made of medium weight coated nylon packcloth. The tunnel has removable suspenders and an adjustable waistband. A textured rim provides a firm grip on the coaming. All seams are double stitched and sealed. This is a water tight, well made skirt that will see you well beyond moderate conditions.

Colors: Black or Gold

Nylon Spray Skirt  $69 + $8 shipping


Cockpit  cover


Nylon Cockpit Cover (black)
$25 (plus $5 shipping)

Nylon Cockpit Cover

A cockpit cover is nearly obligatory while transporting and storing your boat.

If you paddle in southern waters it’s an essential tool to keep “critters” out of your boat while strolling the island to which you just paddled. Ours is made by Seals from medium weight packcloth, with an adjustable bungee and a tether.

Color: Black

Nylon Cockpit Cover $25 + $5 shipping


Fox Cockpit Cover
Fox Cockpit Cover (black)
$88 (plus $8 shipping)

Fox Cockpit Cover

Here is a custom cockpit cover for Fox. While the long cockpit is a positive feature on the water it sure catches lots of wind on the highway when car topping the boat.

Our cover is made of heavy tear-resistant cargo cover material treated for UV protection. The perimeter is made from a tenacious grippy nylon with an adjustable bungee cord rim attachment, also included are two hull straps. All seams are double-stitched. Best of all it’s custom made to fit the Fox cockpit.


Fox Cockpit Cover  $88 + 8 shipping

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