On winter and climbing out of the hole. February 14, 2017


Here’s the shop safely tucked in after a big February storm.

This is the time of year when I always seem to struggle to overcome a lack of momentum. It feels like winter is a hole I stumble into each year. Not enough gets done, or the wrong stuff gets done, or I can’t seem to tell the difference. Often the days just don’t feel productive. It’s not that I’m inactive, it’s just that most days I end up doing something besides the job I got out of bed to tackle.

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Thoughts On Craftsmanship – January 2016

instag (4)After the pace of summer, deep winter can feel very restful. The shorter and quieter days encourage a thoughtfulness that the long days of summer don’t seem to warrant. Summer is about movement, going, doing, and experiencing as much as the days will allow. The cold of winter, with time each day next to the fires that warms the house and shop, is better for grabbing hold of a thought and following it right to the very end.

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Summer 2015 August 25

QuickBeam at Brave Boat Harbor
QuickBeam at Brave Boat Harbor


This summer came in slow and it’s still behind schedule. The end of August brought our hottest days, the kind we usually get in July, if they happen at all. My guess is, or rather my hope is, that we are about to settle into a long slow slide into an even longer fall. Winter, when it comes will have plenty of time to push us around. Lets not rush things.


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April 20, 2015 – Two projects are moving along….

Getting started on the kitchen
Getting started on the kitchen

Last week saw two projects moving closer to completion.  We did the tear out of our old kitchen (what a mess) and I got enough done on my new Black Mountain Cycles bike to take her for a ride Sunday.   Both are going to be wonderful, well worth the effort!

In the kitchen we’re making and installing the ceiling this week then we can set the upper cabinets.  I hope to have the space up and running by the end of this week and finished by the end of next. I’ve got a class in the shop the first full week of May and students to feed.

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April 4, 2015

shop spring 2015
shop projects

Spring is a bit slow coming in this year, but the longer days do make it easier to spend more time working in the shop and they offer some daylight time outside at the end of the day.  Sunshine, it’s good stuff this time of year.  Yesterday it was in the 50’s but today we’re back to cold, wind and morning rain. Come to think of it, this is spring.

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February 23, 2015

Mid Winter

winter shop

I’m not sure where the last month went?  I did spend a few of the coldest days in hibernation, sitting close to the stove and pretty much doing nothing but I’ve also been out in the shop, probably not enough but I’ve been out there. I’ve also been slowly working away at office tasks.  The website is getting some needed updates and both digital and paper files are undergoing a much needed sorting.  And, I’ve dealt with snow. Lots of snow!  Maybe that’s where the time went?

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January 14, 2015

Cold days and winter projects

I celebrated News Years Eve with a fire and I also set off a few expired flairs!
I celebrated News Years Eve with a fire and I also set off a few expired flairs!


It was well below zero this morning when I got up. In the shop, despite the best efforts of my heater it was right at 38 degrees.  The fire’s roaring in the stove now and I’ll bet by 9 it’s toasty out there.  What a wonderful mix of bright or snowy, always frosty days we’re enjoying. I like the feel of 2015 already.  The summer teaching season is shaping up nicely with eleven classes lined up and several more in the works. Shop work is booked for the winter as well. I’ve finished the batch of designs I was working on and replaced them with several new projects.  I don’t think I ever really want to get caught up though. Shop projects start in the evenings with a glass of port, a warm fire and time at the drawing board.

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November 6, 2014

I enjoyed a few days hiking in the Whites in early October.
I enjoyed a few days hiking in the Whites in early October.

This time of year I feel like I’m pulled in a dozen different directions each day. I pick the task that most needs to be attended to and have at it.  I know, it’s like that for everyone and I’d like to think most of us enjoy the work we turn our hands to. I do, but sometimes, well there’s a lot that needs doing.

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